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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano Technische Universität Dresden Vienna University of Technology Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Instructions for Filling the EPCL Application Form

General Issues

Required Information

Fields marked with a star (*) are required and must be filled when the form is submitted.

Editing and Saving your Draft Application Form

You can fill in the application form and upload documents in several sessions. Just klick in Save to save the current state. You can edit and save the application form as many times as you like. After saving, each time an automatically generated notification email is sent to you. The status of your application is then Incomplete, which is also indicated in the application form in Section Current Status of Your Application.

Do not forget to submit your application form after you have completed it, as explained in the next subsection.

Submitting your Completed Application Form

After you have completely filled the application form and uploaded all required documents, you have to submit the form by klicking the Submit Application button at the end of the form. An automatically generated confirmation mail is then sent to you.

An application form can only be submitted once. You can then no longer edit it. Do not forget to submit the application form before the deadline, since only submitted applications are considered for evaluation!

All Official Documents must be in English

Please upload only offical documents that are in English or officially certified English translations. Documents in other languages and translations that are not certified will not be accepted.

Scanned Documents have to be in PDF

All scanned documents, such as certificates, have to be in PDF format. If necessary, you can convert images in any common format into PDF with the convert program which is part of the free software package ImageMagick.

For the scans, greyscale or black-and-white with resolution around 100 dpi is sufficient. Often the file size can be decreased by specifying a high contrast.

Combining PDF Documents

Some fields allow only to submit a single PDF document. It might then be necessary for you to combine several PDF documents into a single one. This can be done with the free software pdftk.

Instructions for Specific Fields

Section 1. Personal Data

Family Name, First Names

If your name does not split up into first and family name (as for example common in Indonesia), then please enter your full name twice, into the field Family Name as well as into First Names.

Section 2. Curriculum Vitae

If you are the author of scientific publications, please add a list of these to your CV.

Section 3. Study Prerequisites

Master's Degree or Equivalent

If you not have yet received your degree certificate or submitted your thesis, please upload instead a signed statement by a representative of your university or your thesis supervisor, respectively, that indicates the expected date of issuing the degree or submitting the thesis.

Section 4. Persons of Reference

Please provide a PDF document with a list of at least three persons of reference, along with their position, affiliation and contact information. We will contact some or all of them in the course of the evaluation process, if necessary. Please do not upload letters of reference.