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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano Technische Universität Dresden Vienna University of Technology Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Partners Involved in EPCL

EPCL is offered by four European universities as full partners, and as associated partners three non-European research institutions and three industrial partners, two of them SMEs with strong international orientation, one of them a large globally operating company.

European Partner Universities

EPCL is jointly offered by four European partner universities:

TUD, UNL and TUW are traditional universities with a long-term history in research and education. They have been involved in numerous research projects and have graduated generations of PhD students. They are leading research universities in their country. On the other hand, FUB is a young university which has invested heavily into an excellent and international research and teaching staff.

All European partner universities are research universities and very active in the area of Computational Logic, in research as well as teaching. In 2004 they jointly founded the The European Master's Program in Computational Logic (EMCL) which is still successfully running, as demonstrated for example by the continuously increasing list of graduates in EMCL.

The key research and teaching staff at the partner universities is of the highest international quality. This can be documented by, for example, the number of national and international research and education projects carried out so far, the number and quality of refereed publications at international conferences and workshops and in international journals, the number and quality of the textbooks written by the staff members, the impact factors of the staff members calculated, for example, via citation indices, the number of international conferences and workshops organized so far, or the number of PhD students graduated in the past.

Based on a solid foundation within Computational Logic, their areas of specialization of the partners are different and complement each other. In particular, these areas are:

Associated Partner Research Institutions

A stay at an associated institution, either a research institution or an industrial partner, is part of the mobility concept of EPCL. The associated partner research institutions of EPCL are:

Associated Industrial Partners

The associated industrial partners of EPCL are: