3.13.5 Across Borders Workshop

Within the across borders workshop, doctoral candidates will be confronted with a scientific area which - at the time of the workshop - has no explicit connections to Computational Logic, but where such a link is assumed to be established within the next twenty years. Representative scientists from this other area are invited to give in-depth introductions. Candidates must present an essay about future potential collaborations from a foundational or an application-oriented point of view. The participation in an across borders workshop shall enhance the candidates' skills to delve into a new scientific area, to identify and to understand the main issues and problems of this area, to develop novel ideas about the usage of Computational Logic methods and techniques in this area, and to identify problems that Computational Logic needs to solve in order to be applicable in this area. An across borders workshop will be organized by the European partner universities once a year. Each candidate must participate in at least one of these workshop.

Upon successful completion, 4 crs are awarded.