3.13.2 Basic Training Camp

During the basic training camp to be held in the first semester, especially tailored foundational as well as application-oriented lectures and tutorials will be offered by professors and qualified senior scientists of the (full or associated) partner institutions as well as by invited guest lecturers. The courses shall cover the main areas of Computational Logic and enhance the basic knowledge in Computational Logic of the doctoral candidates. The lecturers will present an advanced topic and the state of the art, supported by a set of recent publications. Doctoral candidates are expected to study these publications and other support materials (slides, books, book chapters) for the examinations that may include written reports on specific topics.

In addition, candidates shall be enabled to plan their research from a foundational or application-oriented point of view. Moreover, this module shall foster networking among the candidates as well as between the candidates and professors/senior scientists of the partner institutions.

Upon successful completion of the module, 10 crs are awarded.