3.13.4 Annual PhD Workshop

Towards the end of each study year, doctoral candidates must attend a PhD workshop.

  • In the first year, candidates report on the state-of-the-art in their specific area of interest; they present the research questions which they would like to address in their PhD thesis, and report on initial results, techniques, and methods which they intend to apply.

  • In the second and third year, candidates report on the results which they have achieved so far and present remaining open questions.

During the PhD workshop, members of each doctoral candidate's advisory board will be present to discuss, refine and, if needed, readjust the PhD projects. Other doctoral candidates, researches from the partner universities as well as staff from the associated partners may attend the PhD workshop.

The participation in the PhD workshop shall enhance the doctoral candidates' skills to define, implement, and successfully complete a research project. The PhD workshop is organized by the doctoral candidates themselves, thus developing and enhancing their skills to plan, organize, and run scientific events.

Upon successful completion, 6 crs are awarded, viz. 2 crs each year.