3.14 PhD Work and Supervision

The doctoral candidate's advisory committee will assess the research progress by evaluating reports to be delivered by the candidate every six months and by giving advice at the PhD workshops once a year. The reports must include information on the completed course work modules, submitted and/or accepted papers, given presentations and other scientific results as well as a research plan for the upcoming six months.

The evaluation criteria are technical soundness, potential impact, quality of presentation, adequate consideration of related work, successful completion of the modules of course work, achieved publications, and participation in international workshops, conferences and summer schools.

After one year, doctoral candidates are required to present and defend a detailed PhD proposal at the PhD workshop (see Section 3.13.4). The proposal and its defense as well as the credits earned so far will be evaluated by his/her advisory committee. Thereafter, the Joint Commission of EPCL will decide whether the doctoral candidate may continue in the PhD program.

After the second and each additional year, doctoral candidates are required to present and defend their PhD work. They will be evaluated by their supervisors. The Joint Commission of EPCL reserves the right to terminate participation in the PhD program if a doctoral candidate is underperforming.

If, at any time, a doctoral candidate enrolled in EPCL wants to switch to another supervisor or/and another university, then the Joint Commission will decide about his/her request.