4.5.3 Interview Week

The interview week will be organized by one of the partner universities.

At the beginning, short-listed applicants must present the following documents:

  1. A curriculum vitae.
  2. The first degree (e.g. BSc) plus transcripts in original or as officially certified copy.
  3. The second degree (e.g. MSc) plus transcripts in original or as officially certified copy. If that degree is not finished at the time of the interview week, an original letter of a supervisor or the university is required that states the envisaged date of successfully finishing the second degree study program.

If an applicant fails to show these documents, he/she will not be admitted to the interview week, nor will the consortium reimburse travel or other costs related to the application.

During the interview week, applicants will give a presentation of their own research work as well as a presentation of a research paper chosen by the Selection Commission (see Section 3.3) two weeks prior to the interview week. In addition, applicants will be interviewed individually and separately by representatives of at least three partner universities. Each representative then characterizes the applicants as either

  • wanted in my group/university,
  • acceptable, but not in my group/university,
  • indifferent, or
  • not acceptable.
Applicants are considered further if they are wanted by at least one group/university or are acceptable by at least two groups/university.