4.5.2 Shortlist and Phone Interviews

The Selection Commission of EPCL (see Section 3.3) assisted by the administrations of the European partner universities will evaluate the scientific qualification of applicants and provide a preliminary shortlist by taking into account their Master's thesis, MSc and BSc degrees, documented knowledge in Computational Logic, letters of recommendation by persons suggested by the applicant and selected by the Selection Commission, as well as the statement of interest.

On the basis of the documents submitted to the online application, the Joint Commission will shortlist applicants according to their scientific qualification: In each of the mentioned categories, applicants will be evaluated as either very good, good, average, or below average, where the evaluation of the degrees weights stronger than the evaluation of the knowledge in Computational Logic, which in turn weights stronger than the recommendations and the statement of interest. Applicants will be ranked according to this evaluation. The top applicants will be shortlisted.

The shortlist will meet a minimum quota of 33 percent of female applicants, provided they have obtained an overall classification of good, or very good.

Partially formalized video-phone interviews (e.g. Skype) of the members of the Selection Commission with these applicants will lead to the final shortlist. Applicants on the final shortlist will be invited to the interview week.