§4 Form of Study and Conferral of Degrees

PhD students within EPCL select two universities out of FUB, TUD, UNL and TUW. They are jointly monitored by two professors or qualified senior researchers (supervisors), one from each of the selected universities. The Joint Commission has to agree with the selection.

Each PhD student has to develop a plan of studies in agreement with the integrated curriculum together with his/her supervisors.

The PhD thesis is submitted to and defended at one of the selected universities. The PhD thesis shall be defended in front of a mixed jury.

PhD students will receive a joint PhD degree from the selected universities. The PhD document includes the names and signatures of the persons specified by the local examination regulations of the degree-awarding universities as well as the seal of the degree-awarding universities. It includes the name of the academic degrees and a remark to the effect that the European PhD Program in Computational Logic was conducted jointly by several universities.

In the context of the programme, the EPCL joint PhD degree is equivalent to the Italian degree Dottore di Ricerca in Computer Science, the German degree Dr. rer. nat. or Dr. Ing., the Portugese degree Doutor em Informática and the Austrian degree Doctor Technicae.