§7 Joint Commission

The partner universities set up a Joint Commission. The Joint Commission shall consist of two members of each partner university, which are appointed by the appropriate authorities at each partner institution. Every partner university has one (1) vote.

The Joint Commission is responsible for all tasks implied by this Agreement of Cooperation and aiming at running a successful EPCL. Among these, the following tasks are included: marketing the program; determining the participation costs; specification of additional requirements for the acceptance of PhD students; selection of PhD students; selection of guest lecturers; selection of and cooperation with third country universities, associated research institutions and industrial partners; conversion of marks for examinations; selection of an advisory board; quality assurance and evaluation; curriculum development; approval of Module Descriptions; report to the participating universities; initiation of additional third party funds; administration of joint funds raised by the participating universities for the purpose of EPCL; ensuring sustainability of the program.

The Joint Commission meets several times a year if necessary, but at least once each semester physically. Additional meetings can be physical, by email or by video conferencing.

The quorum consists of the attendance of at least one commission member from each participating universities.

Decisions by the Joint Commission must take into account the relevant regulations of each participating university.

Decisions can only be taken by unanimous vote.